Overview of Features

Intuitive Interactions
Intuitive Interactions
We created UbiSim exclusively for VR, so learners’ Experience is lifelike. No floating menus or point-and-click interactions! Only intuitive, realistic hand gestures and interactions.
Intuitive Interactions
Customizable Content
Customizable Content

UbiSim empowers educators to reach their pedagogical objectives.

Supporting the educator's creativity by helping them reach their pedagogical objectives is at the center of UbiSim's mission. Our Editor is a powerful yet intuitive web-based tool that guides nursing educators in customizing existing pre-made UbiSim scenarios or designing their own clinical scenario.

A Dynamic and Evolving Platform
A Dynamic and Evolving Platform

We are continually adding new content, environments, patients, symptoms, and equipment to our platform.

Based on INACSL standards, we partner with institutions around the world to ensure best practices and up-to-date content to support your educational needs.

A Dynamic and Evolving Platform
Team Training
Team Training
With our multiplayer functionality, students can work together to treat virtual patients - from the same classroom and from anywhere in the world.
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of students feel better prepared for nursing practice
students trained and growing
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Curriculum Integration

UbiSim is a versatile platform that can be integrated into any clinical education program
Groups of learners work together on standardized scenarios without the need for added faculty resources
Facilitated Group Setting
Projected onto a screen and shared with other participants
Individualized Learning
Allows learners to work through simulations independently
We realized that having a student complete a scenario in UbiSim provided almost an identical clinical experience for the student.”
Karen Manning
Dean - Division Nursing
Labouré College of Healthcare

By integrating UbiSim into their curriculum during the 2020 Summer Semester, faculty supplemented more than 10,000 clinical hours

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Typical Session

With UbiSim, you are a minute away from accessing high-fidelity simulation scenarios. All you need is a standing area and space to set up a laptop
Set Up The Equipment
  • Only a regular computer and a Quest 2 VR headset are required.
  • The content can be shared on a big screen or a projector.
Start A Session
  • Alone or in teams, inspect, auscultate, and palpate life-like patients.
  • Operate a wide variety of medical equipment using intuitive hand gestures.
  • Review electronic medical records and analyze results from labs and diagnostic tests.
  • Utilize clinical judgment to implement appropriate nursing interventions.
  • Communicate with the patient, family and medical staff.
  • Visualize a complete recording of the session.
  • Review personalized performance feedback.
  • Go through a quiz to assess understanding.
  • Reflect on the session with self-guided questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How customizable is the content?

UbiSim has been built with customization in mind. UbiSim lets you choose from existing customizable scenarios or create your own. Our Editor gives you unprecedented flexibility to adapt content to fit your learning objectives.

Does UbiSim require training to learn how to use it?

Like any educational tools, UbiSim does require training. In addition to our documentation and educational videos, we provide systematic online training to our clients. For learners, UbiSim comes with a tutorial and videos explaining the main features and controls within the VR simulation.

What are the scenarios and content available on the platform?

We continuously add new virtual patients, symptoms, animations, and equipment. Please contact us for the latest list of customizable scenarios and content available

How long does it take to set up the equipment?

It takes no more than 5 to 10 minutes to set up the computer, the VR headset, sanitize the equipment, and launch UbiSim.

Can several learners train at once?

Absolutely! Our multi-user functionality allows up to 4 active learners to learn, practice, and interact together in the same virtual scenario at one time — from the same or remote locations.

What equipment is needed to run UbiSim?

UbiSim is compatible with the Oculus Quest 2 with or without the Oculus Link Cable.
If used without cable it runs on any laptop or desktop computers with windows or OS operating system. If used with cable, it runs on laptop or desktop computers with the following specifications: Intel Core i7, 16GB Memory, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060.
There are lots of options and PC hardware is constantly improving. Do not hesitate to consult us when selecting your hardware.

How much space do you need to run VR simulation?

We recommend 40 square feet of free space for a comfortable experience. There are a lot of possible configurations for setting up the equipment. Our VR simulation expert team can assist you in defining the best possible space arrangement within your space requirements.

How do I log in to UbiSim?

Please use Google Chrome to access the platform at my.ubisimvr.com. You can register on that page or use existing log in details. If you forgot your password, you can reset it from that page as well.

I have more questions not answered here

Reach out to us at contact@ubisimvr.com and we will be happy to set up an online demonstration, walk you through the platform and answer any questions you might have.

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