Nursing Professional Development Translates to Better Healthcare Outcomes

UbiSim learners benefit from evidence-based, authentic clinical scenarios in a safe and standardized environment. Whether your learners are new graduate nurses or experts in the field, UbiSim empowers professionals at all levels to improve their practice and hone their clinical judgment skills.

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Professional Development For New and Experienced Nurses

UbiSim provides a scalable solution for professional development across healthcare systems
Resource Saving
With flexible implementation options and minimal space requirements, VR simulation seamlessly fits into your nurses’ busy schedules
UbiSim’s VR platform empowers nurses to improve their practice, hone their clinical judgment skills, and improve patient outcomes.
Whether your learners are new graduate nurses or experienced professionals, UbiSim provides authentic VR clinical environments, patients, and situations that engage nurses in the learning experience
All medications and equipment are virtual – promoting in situ simulation safety and preventing any mix ups between simulated and real-life supplies
UbiSim scenarios are ready to go with the click of a button – minimal turnover time empowers healthcare systems to efficiently accommodate a large number of learners
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Why UbiSim?

Dedicated to Nursing
Dedicated to Nursing
We work exclusively on nursing simulation and immersive, interactive Virtual Reality. Our focus allows us to build a platform that responds best to the unique needs of nursing educators and nursing learners
Dedicated to Nursing
Customizable Scenarios
Customizable Scenarios
Our pre-built scenarios are entirely customizable. Using our authoring tools, nursing educators and technicians can change any parameters in our scenarios or even create their own
Wireless & Truly Interactive
Wireless & Truly Interactive
No menus or point-and-click! Running on wireless VR headsets, we use intuitive hand gestures for a genuinely immersive and intuitive experience. We focus on confort and realism for the most effective learning
Wireless & Truly Interactive

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Medical Errors & How UbiSim Can Help

Ginelle Testa
Posted on January 10, 2023
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