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As nursing enrollment steadily grows, programs are charged with scaling simulation activities while also managing constraints in staffing and physical resources. Our team of nursing simulation experts understand these challenges, crafting a solution that scales high fidelity simulation across nursing programs while using resources judiciously.

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UbiSim provides a standardized, scalable solution for nursing clinical education
Simulation Anywhere
VR simulation is possible from anywhere – whether your students are in the classroom, simulation lab, or at home
Nurse learners develop clinical judgment in a safe and authentic environment where they can learn from their mistakes and improve their practice
Easy Authoring Tool
Access to a robust library of evidence-based scenarios for novice to advanced learners, a community library with scenarios shared by partner programs, and the ability to easily customize or create your own scenarios from scratch
Prepares Learners
Prepares students to succeed on the Next Generation NCLEX: Scenarios align with the NCSBN Clinical Judgment Measurement Model and are followed by customizable unfolding case studies with Next Generation NCLEX type questions
Flexible Implementation
Flexible implementation options and minimal space requirements easily scale high fidelity VR simulations across large cohorts of learners
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Why UbiSim?

Dedicated to Nursing
Dedicated to Nursing
We work exclusively on nursing simulation and immersive, interactive Virtual Reality. Our focus allows us to build a platform that responds best to the unique needs of nursing educators and nursing students
Dedicated to Nursing
Customizable Scenarios
Customizable Scenarios
Our pre-built scenarios are entirely customizable. Using our authoring tools, nursing educators and technicians can change any parameters in our scenarios or even create their own
Wireless & Truly Interactive
Wireless & Truly Interactive
No menus or point-and-click! Running on wireless VR headsets, we use intuitive hand gestures for a genuinely immersive and intuitive experience. We focus on confort and realism for the most effective learning
Wireless & Truly Interactive

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