Key Differences Between the Next Gen NCLEX and the Traditional NCLEX

Written by: Rachel Baker When does Next Gen NCLEX go into effect? The Next Gen NCLEX is finally here   If you’re a nursing educator, you’ve probably been hearing a lot about the Next Gen NCLEX, which is launching on April 1, 2023.  You may be wondering why the exam was updated and how you can

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3 skills students need for nursing jobs of the future & how UbiSim can help

The World Economic Forum has outlined three skills that students will need for the jobs of the future. These soft skills may seem like extras, but they’re core to learning and preparing students for careers, especially in the medical field. We’d love to share how UbiSim can help nursing students develop these three skills for

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Medical Errors & How UbiSim Can Help

Humans make errors. As a result, the third leading cause of death in the U.S. is medical mistakes. These grave errors kill approximately 250,000 Americans annually. John Hopkins University did an extensive study on the topic. Some healthcare professionals may be hesitant to report errors for fear of disciplinary action or even losing their jobs,

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Hands in a virtual reality simulation over a black male patient in bed.

Announcing New Scenarios, Enhanced Features, and Fixes — November 2022 Product News

3 exciting new scenarios, 2 new features, important enhancements, and some fixes round out the last update of 2022.  29 November 2022 What’s New  The latest UbiSim launch is here! We have three new patient scenarios, a special update to our employee health record (EHR), a highlight for our IV lines, and a few exciting

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10 Essential Skills to Succeed on the Next Generation NCLEX & as a Nurse

As we know, nurses are crucial to medicine, and the field is growing. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, the federal government projects that more than 203,000 new registered nurse positions will be created each year from 2021-2031. To be an effective nurse, you must develop many soft and clinical skills.  We’ve

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Nurse learners care for the patient using a peer-to-peer model

Implementing the Virtual Reality Simulation Day

Author: Christine Vogel, MSN, RN, CHSE, CHSOS Are you thinking about using virtual reality simulation in nursing education, but are not sure how you would structure the activity? Our article has you covered. Read on to learn more about how to structure and implement an immersive VR simulation day using best practice standards. Immersive virtual

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Debunking the top 6 myths about VR

Virtual Reality (VR) is here to stay and impacts life as we know it across various fields. A recent study shows that learners using immersive virtual reality are 2.3 times more engaged and emotionally connected to the content than those learning from a computer screen (1). Maybe you’re thinking about taking the VR leap, but

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